About Us   -   History

Since established in 1985, we have been inspired by a simple goal.

That goal is to be the best in our business of steel fabrication, engineering and construction.

Central to this goal is the pride and excellence in the way we conduct our business at all levels. The pride and excellence we place on our work is built on a number of key differentiators that separate us from the competition.

We have a deeply instilled culture to be trustworthy and reliable in the way we work with our customers and our suppliers. This culture also extends to placing the interests of our customers above all else and is reflected in our solid commitment to fully understand their needs and their goals. And thanks to an extremely responsive project management system, we are ideally positioned to work as an integrated team to deliver the best results on a consistent basis. As a result, we have built a strong and lasting reputation for being the partner of choice for many commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

To further differentiate ourselves in the steel engineering, fabrication and construction business, we maintain high international standards in terms of quality, safety, delivery, productivity and environment. Our adherence to international standards of performance has given us the opportunity to work with international contracting organizations from Australia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our capabilities are supported by a modern steel fabrication plant that is equipped with some of the most advanced equipment and technology available in Indonesia or the region. By combining this advanced technology with a reliable materials management system, we are able to carry out extremely high quality steel fabrication work on a reliable and timely basis.

Since 2008, we have expanded our business into industrial plant construction including design & build, civil works, plate works and material handling

Finally, our business is based on a very strong financial structure. We have been able to leverage its extensive financial resources to participate in some of the most significant development projects in the country.